Pixie Wing Gliders




designed and inspired through discussion with “Jerome Lamaar” before the fairy wing collection drop.

*omg did you see those extravagant earrings shawty had on earlier*

fairy!!! tings!!! slide into these pixie wing gliders and become the conversation piece of the week. these whip-lashers are double winged brass or bronze statement earrings. made with 10k gold plated steel clip on backings for easy slide off, added comfort, and to stabilize the design on the ear. hand cut and textured with two different scaled sizes for a bold dramatic view. flutter and bask in all the attention you deserve when you step out.

*gliders pictured, slide 1 -SM slide 2-3 Medium slide 4-5 extra large*

jewelry care- your brass piece will oxidize or patina given the amount of heat and oil it receives. this is natural and proves the metal is pulling out toxins from the skin and circulating blood. to clean, you want to place your gliders face down with the wings touching the bowl and the clip on piece facing up towards you. we don’t want to soak or loosen the ear piece. gently pour lemon or lime juice around the ear piece, till the wings are submerged, remember do not fill up over the earpiece, leave space where the clip on isn’t submerged. soak for 8-12 minutes, then wash with soap and water, and voilaaaa your piece is back to it’s original bright color.


extra large, large, medium, small


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