Pure Silver Pearl Rings

Pearls symbolize elegance and serenity. For centuries, They’ve been valued for their calming effects, leaving a strengthening effect on the wearer. Known for how stunning they are due to how they naturally form, I became Inspired by this history, and created a modernized version with pure silver. Using the annealing method when creating balls of silver, I allowed the heat of the silver to naturally form the pearl shape on my soldering station.

Our heirs for decades have prompted us to have pearls in our keepsake collection. immerse yourself in a luxury addition that matches, pure Silver Pearls. Stack these raw polished rings together for an everyday wear or cocktail hour accessory.

Use a polishing cloth or the old school baking soda, aluminum foil, and boiling water method to keep clean. If worn everyday no polishing needed. A toothbrush, soap, and water also do a decent job.

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