queen of hearts frames



for the wonderland in you.

designed with the cryski frame collection, these ‘spec’tacular glasses are 1 of 1. made in three parts, hand formed hearts soldered together, wrapped in copper wire for the first base, and wrapped in real Swarovski Crystals for the second. hints of siam red, aurora boreale clear, vintage rose, and Rosalina pink.

extra large in size. flexible and sturdy for the wearer. these frames are showstopping to say the least, and magically in tune for any Alice in Wonderland themed event. drip in these for the holidays and feel rewarded to grace others with your presence.

the copper wiring is intended for navigating physical healing onto the body. it’s attributes include but not limited to, pulling out toxins from the skin, rejuvenating the skin cells, repelling bacteria, and conducting higher energy.


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