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let those ocular instruments glisten every time you make eye contact.

officially launched in Costa Rica, these goddess ting frames are the ultimate conversation piece. used to activate the pineal gland and bedazzle your personality. may you continue to embrace the qualities of a goddess; mindfully generating, delivering, operating, and destroying what is meant.

base frames made of brass wiring and wrapped in copper with real Swarovski Crystals. crystals are limited due to Swarovskis’ accessibility over the pandemic. based on whatever present inventory of crystals I acquire, will determine if I use a solid color or mix and match. this process is essentially a surprise for your custom frames. frames can take from up to 5-14 days to complete, thank you for your patience.

colors available – Clear (aurora boreale (iridescent) or Crystal) Blue/Black- (dark indigo, or capri) Green (peridot, fern, and or emerald) Please see chart for reference

the frames pictured are the JetBlueBlack colored frames. every blue pair has hints of blacks. can also be worn as a crown/headband.



blue, clear, green, jetblueblack


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