fairyboi earCuff


cheers to the start of this full winged collection.

when I first drew out my fairy wings, I knew I found something I’d enjoy recreating for myself. and what other way to stay committed than to design a reflection of oneself. I revel in the clarity of knowing I’m a full-blown fairy and I want to connect to other members of this family through my metalwork. this is wearable art for those who do and don’t know how to use their magic, the black sheeps of their family, beings called strange and weird (a genuine soulful unconventional) and queer-based mentally driven mindsets. this earcuff is for you to adapt to things in your own way while adorning your sound instruments.

jewelry care- your brass piece will oxidize or patina given the amount of heat and oil it receives. this is natural and proves the metal is pulling out toxins from the skin and circulating blood. soak in lemon or lime juice for 8-12 minutes, then wash with soap and water, and voilaaaa your piece is back to it’s original bright color.


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