* Return Policy 
We believe in the morale of shopping handmade items intentionally. When considering Yzriah, it is valuable to shop knowing that your choice of design has undergone timeless energy and preparation. We provide a tangible connection to fall in love with forever, therefore eliminating any cause for returns. Yzriah does not accept returns on any handmade jewelry or metalwork tools. Yzriah allows for damaged items to be returned solely for repair. clients are responsible for repair costs. charges are ensued based on the discretion and evaluation of the piece. Please contact me through the website for any inquiries on an order. 
Re-shipment costs of the finalized piece are covered by the designer. 
Exchanges are only offered on pieces in their respective original condition. Given the availability of inventory collection, exchanges are available at 80% value of the original jewelry piece or metalwork tool. Any piece/s not in their respective original condition, causes for forfeit of exchange offer. Exchanges are finalized after an honest email is recorded and the original piece has been shipped to the designer.


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