About Yzriah

Yzriah is a handcrafted sacred metal jewelry business, specializing in raw and precious materials. The introduction to this craft began at 7 years old after receiving a jewelry making kit as a Hanukkah gift. jewelry making became a commitment when Keziah Won as a finalist at a pre high-school entrepreneurship summer program. Inspired, they expanded their talents to college, and graduated with a degree in fine arts in metals/jewelry design. 
Yzriah believes in the practice of customizing unconventional pieces and free-hand designs for each individual, especially Queer Folx. This handmade work stems from cultural awareness practices, indigenous/african style, and divine imagination. Yzriah is Dripped in crystals and formed with intentional metals that activate healing, beauty, and warrior energy for its beholder. My wish for each client is to feel illuminated mentally, personally protected, and physically radiant when wearing each piece. 

Client Review

this is one of my favorite brands, simply because it is a challenge to really see yourself in the way in which you call yourself and I call myself a goddess. one that generates operates, delivers, and destroys. I love going through these processes when wearing Yzriah.

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